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GET RID OF DANDRUFF + ACNE, + LOSE WEIGHT AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! 😱This is MY MIRACLE MIXTURE cuz its great for eliminating dandruff, get soft shiny hair, prevent hair loss + stimulate hair growth! its also amazing for SKIN + WEIGHT LOSS! my skin has changed so much from drinking this everyday, + IVE LOST 10 POUNDS! (i know you cant tell from my videos cuz i always film at a close range, but, i feel great, and body is lookin gewd..and, im drinkin my water and minding my own bidness) 😛RECIPE (doesnt matter how big or small your cups/bottles are.. use these measurements!) 🥛FILL YOUR drink CUP + spray BOTTLE with THESE AMOUNTS: 1/2 FULL WITH WATER 1 TBSP of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR -WITH THE MOTHER IS IMPORTANT!! (it says it on the bottle) 1/2 with APPLE JUICE - fresh squeeze not from concentrate CINNAMON (as much as u like) - i just add a few taps mix it up Apply the spray to your hair as the LAST STEP in your hair wash routine- wash out with water. Do this when u need it. 1x per week max 🌝🌚DRINK THIS EVERY DAY once a day! its so addictive it tastes like apple pie, youll crave this drink if you have a sweet tooth like i do! *DRINK THIS WITH A STRAW OR YOU WILL MURDA YOUR TEETH!!* WHY THIS WORKS:🌈 For HAIR - apple cider vinegar has acetic acid which cleans your scalp of any product build up, and its because its anti-microbial it kills fungus and bacteria which is what dandruff comes from it also makes your hair super shiny, gives it insane volume and a million other things.. i wish i could list everything it does but the way instagram captions are set up…there's no space!! :( apple juice - has hair growth properties jammed with vitamin A, B and C cinnamon - increases blood circulation which also stimulates hair growth! For SKIN (from drinking) and WEIGHTLOSS - acv kills acne and gives you clearer, glowing skin acv helps regulate blood sugar levels and controls random cravings, its also of la natural fat burner and reduces belly fat cinnamon - cures bad breath, and boosts your immune system apple juice - is delicious and is high in vitamin C TAG A FRIEND YOUD DRINK THIS WITH!👇🏽and LIKE👍🏾this VID FOR MORE MULTI USE DIY! Disclaimer: test patch/drink 1st

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