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👄LIGHTEN, EXFOLIATE and PLUMP LIPS! I noticed a lot of you asking for something for discoloured lips, and for a gentler lip plumper so here is a great recipe that is gentle, but powerful. 👀 All you need: ✅PLAIN yogurt - if you are vegan, use AGAVE ✅Ground Black Pepper - enough to get a scrub 🍜I use a metal chopstick to poke at my lips gently to get the blood juices flowing. You can use a fork too but dont stab, just gentle pokes. 💋Apply the mixture all over your lips and exfoliate. 😗Use the scrub OUTSIDE the line of your lips as well. This is going to help pucker them up ⏰Leave on for 1-2 mins - it gets warm, but no burn, or intolerable sting. Its really gentle. 💦Wipe off and immediately moisturize. Like always, im using my @farsalicare Rose Gold Elixir, but use any moisturizer youre comfortable with. ^^^^^ I lightly pinch and “smack” my lips with my finger to help boost circulation for moisturized, crust free lips. 💄Apply a lip colour. or dont. I didnt. 🥛Yogurt - helps moisturize and soothe the lips. Also contains lactic acid which exfoliates the top layer or skin to help promote the growth of new cells. Also fills in lines and wrinkles for my fellow wrinkly lip fam out there 🎱Black pepper - Natural antibiotic high in vitamin C for brightening. Promotes blood circulation and injects nutrients into your skin. Its abrasive so it helps exfoliate to remove dead crusty lip flakes. 🙅🏽🙅🏽‍♂️no more crusty lips!! Tag a friend in need 😂😂👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 and don't forget to help a sis out fam! Like this video!! ❤❤❤ Disclaimer: Test patch First. Always. Double Disclaimer: All skin tones, lip tones, hair tones, eye tones, teeth and gum tones etc are beautiful. This video by no means is meant to encourage ANYONE to lighten something in order to be “pretty” and be the “standard” of beauty. You are the standard. Discoloured lips can happen from smoking, drinking hot beverages, chemical lip plumpers, cold sores etc. and this is just a natural way to correct uneven pigmentation.

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